The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Under $100

This sometimes ridiculous market for headphones can make shopping and buying a quality set that isn’t grotesquely overpriced a little difficult. Separating the headphones that’ll give you quality sound from those with a lot of flashes requires a technical process that the average buyer doesn’t have time to do. That’s why we simplified matters for you in our guide to the best wireless earbuds under $100. We asked whether or not they looked good, felt good, and lived up to their hype. Were they worth more than standard headphones, giving you a lot of bass (and treble) for your buck, or were they just expensive showpieces? Any item that could ring our bell both technically and experientially landed on our list. The others?… they’re gone now.
Back in the day, those cheap Skullcandy earbudsmay have got the job done, but we all remember that one pair that we needed to hold just right to be able to hear anything. Thankfully, with advancements in tech and the audio industry, headphones with a more affordable price point (in this case, $50 – $100 dollars for our guide) are much better than they used to be. There are even some options that include noise-cancelling, which wasn’t very common not too long ago. Cheaper earbuds may not offer the same audio quality as more expensive options, and the durability may not be as reliable either, but modern headphones in this price range are improving every year. So if you’re a casual music/podcast listener who just needs an easy, affordable pair of earbuds, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a pair in this price range. However, any serious audiophiles or professionals should look to more premium options, as clarity and EQ settings aren’t as reliable/common in cheaper headphones.
Battery Life: Along with sound and build quality, battery life in affordable headphones is also nothing to scoff at. You won’t have trouble finding a pair that has at least ~6 hours of juice on a single charge, and every pick in our guide (as well as many other options) comes equipped with a charging case that can extend the battery life.
Controls: Wireless earbuds in this range also will commonly come with touch controls, and even offer app connectivity if the company has one. Button controls aren’t the end of the world, however, and you may come across those as well.
Water Resistance: It’s not too much to ask for water resistance from these wireless earbuds either, with many offering IPX4 resistance. If you plan on working out (which headphones in this range are more than capable of handling), then you’ll want to grab a pair that’s water-resistant.
Noise-Cancellation: While the noise-cancellation in more affordable earbuds may not be as impressive as the tech offered in premium picks, it’s still nice that you can find a pair under $100 that has it. Using microphones, the earbuds will cancel out ambient noise and let you enjoy your audio without interruption (or just tune out some noise). Most modern earbuds are also designed to have pretty good passive noise cancellation (using the design to reduce ambient noise).
Sound Quality: Audio codecs like AAC and aptX are better for wireless audio quality, but not every pick is going to have them. If you just want to enjoy your music, look for headphones that provide a balanced sound with solid bass, mids, and highs.
Fit: If you’re particular about how your earbuds may fit, going for a pair that comes with multiple ear tips is advised. Since this has become an industry norm, you’ll just be choosing between the amount provided.
​​​​​​​Wissonly Hi Runner
This is the fastest growing brand of bone conduction headphones in the last six months. The team are all engineers with 10 years of accumulation in the field of bone conduction technology. They started to develop bone conduction headphones that don't hurt ears as early as 2012. To solve the problem of sound leakage of bone conduction headphones, wissonly has made comprehensive improvement in the aspects of vibrator, body design and software optimization. The final result has been applied to Wissonly Hi Runner, and the final sound leakage can be reduced by 90% after laboratory test. I actually used the test myself. At a distance of 2cm, the volume reached 70%, but I still didn't hear the sound of the headphones, which protected my privacy.
Wissonly Hi Runner’s body is made of titanium, which can self-adjust the fitting position to ensure a good wearing experience for headphones, so that more people can wear it. As the core component of the product, the headphones plays a key role in the product experience. Hi Runner model is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes Bluetooth connection faster and more stable. It also has 32GB of built-in storage so you can use it as an MP3 player.
Other parameters of Wissonly Hi Runner are also excellent. For example, the waterproof level reaches IPX8, and you can wear it to swim or even dive. The battery life reaches 8-10 hours, which is very important to me, because I go out for sports on weekends, and I go out for a whole day.
These Jabra wireless Bluetooth earbuds are packed with some pretty impressive features when considering the price. With four built-in microphones giving you crystal-clear calls, and a solid music experience provided by 6mm speakers. The battery life is solid as well, offering up to 28 hours of playtime with the case and ~7 on a single charge. They’re also IP55-rated, making them resistant to dust and water splashes. Additionally, these earbuds come with a sleek charging case and are compatible with Alexa, Spotify Tap playback, and Google Fast Pair.
 There’s a whole section for brass in an orchestra, yet few headphone manufacturers will touch the stuff because it’s notoriously hard to get the right sound. Sony has managed to crack the code with the WF-C500s, which offer a rich, symphonic experience with a dense, weighty beat on their back end. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t feel weighty as you move your head, with an IPX4 resistance rating, making them worthy workout choices. Tonal quality and sound staging are impressive, with vocals and instrumentals placed precisely for a complex, immersive audio experience. Battery life is solid, with 10 hours on a single charge and 20 with the case, but unfortunately no touch controls.
These earbuds from Jabra are the perfect workout companions, throwing down with more than 15 hours worth of battery life (and a whopping 55 with the case), and a comfortable fit with extra support that isn’t too stiff. They have an IP66 rating, allowing them to shrug off sweat and rain, but they can also survive a quick dip, so long as your hands are fast enough. You’re also getting active noise cancellation with three noise control modes, making these a pretty impressive pick for the price. There’s a headphone tip to suit almost everyone right out of the box, and a charging case with a battery indicator.
With a sleek and comfortable design, these earbuds from Google provide a super comfy fit for all-day wear. You get up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge, and the charging case gives an additional 24 hours. The standout feature here is the real-time translation, which listens to spoken language and translates it into your ear. The sound is also solid with 12mm dynamic speaker drivers, and they come with three ear tips so you can get the fit right. There’s no noise cancellation, but they do feature adaptive sound, which adjusts the volume depending on the environment you’re in.
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